Cannon Construction incorporated into Cannon Enterprises in 1980. Throughout their years in the building industry, they have built a name and maintained a reputation for excellence in quality construction service and satisfaction that is backed by references and letters of commendation from previous and current clients.

At Cannon, buildings are seen as structures designed to accommodate the living and working needs of people. After studying blueprints, they quickly identify the materials that should be used in the construction, whether the materials are concrete, steel, bricks, or glass.

Renovation and recreating structures is a specialty of Cannon Enterprises, Inc. Remodeling is offered on retail, office, industrial, commercial, and multi-story buildings. “The complexities of transforming a building or office to make it more workable and efficient is both challenging and satisfying, and demonstrates our ability and tenacity to turn an existing structure into ‘a dream come true’ for our clients,” says Scott (Ike) Eickhoff, vice president at Cannon Enterprises, Inc. since 1982.

With offices and warehouses in Spring, Texas, radio-equipped trucks, and a skilled labor force, Cannon can handle any project, large or small, throughout the greater Houston area.

Utilizing subcontractors that are qualified, they take great pride in the quality of their work, which is monitored closely through all phases of construction. They pride their excellent reputation, one that has allowed them to grow at a consistent rate over the past 23 years. A personal commitment and team effort for quality and on-time completion has necessitated a work force expansion. With motivation and determination, they will be a spirited part of Houston’s resurgence.

Cannon has a sound relationship with creditors and suppliers, and a record of discharging their obligations in a prescribed manner. This stable financial pictures means they can ensure the timely completion of a high quality project for each client.